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TEL's Mission

"It is our goal to advance innovative research in telecommunication engineering technologies with emphasis in all areas of wireless communications. Our expert faculty and well-qualified graduate students with state-of-the-art laboratory tools and equipment are contributing to important local and national research projects with support from NSF, DoD, DoT, and other local and national research agencies. We are committed to continued growth and look forward to new challenges."

- Prof. Hamid Sharif, TEL Director

The Advanced Telecommunication Engineering Laboratory is a state-of-the-art research facility and a part of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

We are physically located at the Scott Technology Center, but also have offices at the Peter Kiewit Institute in Omaha, Nebraska.

TEL was formed in 1995 and is engaged in research to provide solutions for challenges in telecommunication engineering field with emphasis in all areas of wireless communications. Our work is targeted towards providing technological solutions for our society at large. Our research is directly applied in many different areas, such as the railroad industry, farm and ranch operations, medical domain and various other industries. In support of this objective, we work closely with local and national research agencies including various U.S. government agencies.

TEL is actively conducting research in Wireless Sensor Networks, Network Security, Low-Power Sensing and Operations, Mobile Networking and many other important research aspects.

We always welcome new collaborations and new research challenges.

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